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Workforce Development

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ORBAA core leadership has been involved with educational initiatives in partnership with Ohio’s Collegiate Aviation programs since 2008.  From the beginning, a major focus of this outreach was to promote understanding and knowledge about the Business Aviation industry that was not a part of the normal collegiate curricula.

Attracting and retaining new talent to our industry is vital to our businesses and economy.  There is increasing competition among aviation segments for the limited numbers of collegiate aviation graduates, and Business Aviation needs to have a supporting role in attracting and developing professionals for our industry.   

ORBAA will continue attract students to Business Aviation and educate future developing professionals about our industry.  Robust and active partnerships through the work of dedicated ORBAA members will ensure that students receive support to inspire and encourage them, while enhancing their knowledge about our industry.  The dedication to Workforce Development is a very effective way for ORBAA to reach out, give back, and attract our workforce of tomorrow. 

ORBAA is committed to promoting Ohio’s Business Aviation industry through outreach to future professionals through:

  • Classroom presentations in partnership with collegiate curriculums
  • Onsite visits to Business Aviation operations
  • ORBAA Scholarships presented annually to collegiate aviation students
  • Mentoring and development support of students moving into industry
  • Promoting and developing Internship experiential learning opportunities to Ohio’s collegiate aviation students
  • Providing resources to support development opportunities for ORBAA members through OBATS, NBAA seminars, and other offerings 

ORBAA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 5207 Norwich Street, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

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