ORBAA Scholarship Recipient History

2023: Noah Patten, Ohio State University

Noah Patten, fell in love with aviation at an early age growing up near an airport in Wilmington, OH. He is all-in on pursuing a career in Business Aviation as he completes his Major in Air Transportation on the Professional Pilot track at Ohio State University. In addition to his studies, Noah works at the OSU FBO and is Captain of the OSU Flight Team.

2023: Gabriel Christenson, University of Cincinnati – Clermont College

By age 13 Gabirel Christensen had already watched every movie and television show about aviation that he could find. He has worked many jobs to help in his pursuit of a career in aviation. From Starbucks to Taekwondo instructor, to Amazon Warehouse associate, to producing music, Gabriel has dedicated himself to earning his pilot certifications and graduating from the University of Cincinnati in July 2024.

2023: Lukas Kleinfeldt, Bowling Green

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, Lukas is a first generation aviation enthusiast who has a passion for all things aviation. Outside of his coursework, Lukas runs an Instagram account and website promoting aviation photography. He is a member of the Bowling Green Falcon Flight Team and has worked line service at Wisconsin Aviation near his hometown. After his graduation in December 2025, Lukas is planning to join the Air National Guard and focus on his long-term goal of a career in Business Aviation.

2022: Jon Sadler, University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati native Jon Sadler enrolled as a University of Cincinnati Aviation student in Fall of 2019. Flight training takes place at Sporty’s Academy, I69 in Batavia, OH. He currently holds a PPL with Instrument Rating, but is just weeks away from taking the Commercial SEL and MEL checkrides. 

Jon plans to continue his training by working on CFI and CFII ratings, and staying on at Sporty’s as a Flight Instructor. He loves Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft. He and his wife enjoy going for hikes, and trying out new breweries/restaurants during road trips.

2022: Cody Fleming, Sinclair College

My name is Cody Fleming and I’m currently a Private Instrument Pilot enrolled at Sinclair College, set to graduate in 2025. When not at school, I fill the rest of my time working at the Dayton International Airport to get some experience in the field. This allows me the opportunity to talk to many people in aviation who help answer my thousands of questions. I’m excited to see where my career takes me.

2021: Jordan Richheimer, Kent State

Jordan is on the Professional Pilot track at Kent State University with expected graduation in the fall of 2021. He’s currently obtained his Commercial ASEL and is actively pursuing his CFI certificate.


2021: Audrey Rice, Bowling Green State University

Audrey majors in Aviation Flight Technology and Operations at Bowling Green State University. She is expected to graduate in December of 2022 with goals of becoming a Professional Pilot and hopes to inspire other young women to join aviation.

2020: Jack Margletta, Ohio University

Hi, my name is Jack Margletta and I am a senior at Ohio University studying Aviation Flight. I was honored to be one of this year’s recipients of the 2020 ORBBA Scholarship. I was able to use my award towards my Flight Instructor Instrument course which is my final class at Ohio University. With my CFII I will be able to acquire more hours and instrument time for a SIC position in a corporate operation. Pushing me towards my end goal of sitting left seat in a business jet.  Currently I am a full time Flight Instructor at Ohio University, as well as finishing my ATS internship as a Co-Pilot on Ohio Universities King Air 350. I also do corporate contracting as a SIC in a Citation 550. Through these experiences I have learned what it takes to be a professional pilot, as well as the importance of confidence you install in yourself and passengers. I plan to graduate at the end of summer and continue building flight time at Ohio University. The dream job for my career would be flying for a large corporation with a good safety culture and quality of life. Being a student member of ORBBA gives me outstanding networking opportunities and resources to help get my foot in the door for the next step of my aviation journey. 

2020: Nick Sanford, Bowling Green State University

I am Nick Sanford; I attend Bowling Green State University studying aviation management and operations with a GPA of a 3.7 and an expected graduation in May 2021. I currently am the internal communications intern for NetJets. Gaining experience in the corporate side of the business has been extremely beneficial to me and my career because it will make me an all-encompassing young aviation professional. I have now gotten two amazing internship experiences which has prepared me to enter the aviation workforce full-time. I am finally ready to get out into the field and use my newly developed intuition to make a difference in this industry. My career aspirations are to continue to be open minded and try to find my niche either beginning with safety, operations, or dispatch. I eventually want to be sitting in an executive chair being a leader for a successful company and continue to grow my passion for aviation. Finally, the ORBAA scholarship plays a major role in developing and manifesting my goals; it has allowed me to finish paying off school so that I can now put my focus towards beginning my career. Thank you once again ORBAA, I cannot wait to see where my career path takes me!

2019: Andrew Callendar, Columbus State Community College

Andrew Callender is the 2019 ORBAA Maintenance Scholarship Recipient. Andrew is a student at Columbus State Community College studying to obtain his A&P certificate with an anticipated graduation in December 2020. Andrew has always had a fascination for aviation and jumped at the opportunity to enroll at Columbus State upon learning of their program. Andrew’s goal is to earn his Inspectors Authorization rating and looks forward to working with dependable, high-caliber individuals in the aviation industry. 

2019: Grant Losey, Ohio University

Grant Losey is the 2019 ORBAA Pilot Scholarship Recipient. This past May, Grant graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Flight. Grant currently holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating and is pursuing his CFI and CFII certificates through Ohio University. Shortly before graduation, Grant earned the opportunity to be a co-pilot on Ohio University’s King Air 350, fully immersing himself in Business Aviation. Grant recently expanded his skillset by earning a position as an SIC on a Citation Bravo. He is using these opportunities to absorb as much knowledge as he can to prepare himself for a career in Business Aviation. 

2018: Bridget Reese, PIA

Bridget Reese is the 2018 ORBAA Maintenance Scholarship Recipient. Bridget is a student at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, Youngstown campus studying to obtain her A&P certificate with an anticipated graduation in August 2019. Bridget is also planning on pursuing the Inspection Authorization as well as a Masters degree in Aviation Management at Kent State University. Before deciding to pursue her A&P certificate, Bridget has gained work experience with positions at Continental Airlines, working as a freelance media artist, and owning a barber shop since 2008. Bridget is a member of Women in Aviation, the Association for Women in Aviation, and Women and Drones. By using her personal career success as an example, one of Bridget’s goals is to encourage others to chase their dreams and aspirations and to be a champion of STEM occupations.

2018: Ethan Beagle, Bowling Green State University

Ethan Beegle is the 2018 ORBAA Pilot Scholarship Recipient. Ethan is enrolled at Bowling Green State University with an anticipated graduation in May 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation degree as well as a minor in Airport Systems and Operations. Ethan has aspired to be a professional pilot for as long as he can remember. He is a third generation aviation enthusiast and some of his most fond memories growing up are of having lunch with his dad at a business aviation hangar. Since interviewing for the scholarship in April, Ethan has successfully obtained his Commercial Pilot certificate and is just weeks away from obtaining his Certified Flight Instructor certificate. Ethan’s career goals are in business aviation and he looks forward to making contacts in the industry through ORBAA.

2017: Marcus Collier, The Ohio State University

Marcus is enrolled in his third year at the Ohio State University as an Air Transportation Major and plans to graduate in Spring of 2018. Marcus holds his Private Pilot License and will begin training for his Instrument Rating this summer. Marcus is currently employed full-time and raises three children with his wife while pursuing his professional pilot certificate. In his free time, Marcus has enjoyed volunteering at OSU Airport during the NIFA SAFECON events, including judging and other daily event needs. Marcus will apply the scholarship directly to his flight education and his career goal is to fly a Gulfstream G550 worldwide for a corporate operator.

2017: Grant Smith, Columbus State Community College

Grant is in his first year at Columbus State Community College as an Aviation Maintenance Technician major with an expected graduation date of December 2018. Since beginning with Columbus State, Grant has achieved straight A's and holds a perfect attendance record. This past February, Grant also earned the position of Aviation Maintenance Intern at Nationwide Insurance and plans to stay in that position until graduation from Columbus State. One of the things he finds most rewarding with his internship is "being a part of the team that gets the planes back in the air safely." With the numerous technological advancements currently taking place in aviation, Grant hopes his internship with Nationwide as well as his coding and IT background will help prepare him for a career in business aviation.

2016: Harley Bloecher, The Ohio State University

How has the ORBAA scholarship helped you develop your career goals?

The application for the ORBAA Scholarship provided me a great chance to meet members of the local

 business aviation community, and to meet industry contacts whom I can look towards for guidance as I begin a career in aviation. The scholarship award itself helps tremendously with paying for school. After all, school (and aviation education no less) isn't cheap. This scholarship will allow me to take flight lessons at Ohio State and to complete my goal of being a dual-rated pilot in rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

Where are you now?

I am currently working an internship at NetJets Inc, where I work with the Dispatch and Meteorology departments within Flight Support. I am about to start my senior year at The Ohio State University, where I am majoring in Operations Management at the Fisher College of Business, and minoring in Aviation through the Center for Aviation Studies. I'm excited to start taking flight lessons through Ohio State, and will add a private pilot - Airplane, Single Engine Land rating to my Rotorcraft, Helicopter rating. Outside of aviation, I worked as a Resident Advisor at Ohio State and am a brother of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity.

What are your career aspirations?

For years I have dreamed of flying helicopters for a career. While I still have a long way to go, I have my eyes set on eventually becoming an EMS helicopter pilot. Through interaction with ORBAA and other business aviation professionals, I've come to learn more about business aviation, namely that many flight departments use helicopters in addition to their fixed-wing assets. There are so many different opportunities to have a wonderful career within aviation, and while I have the goal of flying EMS, and am excited to see what doors open along the journey. Regardless of where I find myself, I'm positive it will involve putting aircraft in the air!

2016: Nathan Fallrath, Columbus State University

How has the ORBAA scholarship helped you develop your career goals?

The ORBAA scholarship has been a huge blessing both financially and with making the acquaintance of individuals and businesses within the business aviation community. The extra level of submersion into the environment associated specifically with business aviation has strengthened my desire to pursue lofty goals within this field.

Where are you now?

Currently, I am continuing to take aviation classes at Columbus State Community College, and working as the maintenance intern at Nationwide Insurance’s aviation facility.

What are your career aspirations?

I plan to continue my education and pursue at least a bachelor’s degree, and to attain a position as the chief of maintenance at a corporate aviation center.

2015: Yusuf Haji, Columbus State University

2015: Alexander Wukovits, Kent State University

How has the ORBAA scholarship helped you develop your career goals?

The ORBAA scholarship provided a great networking opportunity to meet individuals in the field of business aviation.  This helped me build relationships with individuals I am still in contact with today.  ORBAA members have provided me with guidance along my path through school and professional growth.  The ORBAA scholarship also directly helped to fund my Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) training. 

Where are you now?

I have just completed an incredible summer internship gaining exposure to business aviation with the Lbrands Flight Department, which is heavily involved with ORBAA.  This opportunity provided valuable insight to the organization and operation of a corporate flight department.  I recently graduated in Spring of 2016 with my CFI/CFII/MEI.  I will return this fall to continue flight instructing for Kent State University.  I enjoy seeing the direct impact one can have on the growth of a student through instruction.

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspirations are to fly for a business which values culture, innovation, and giving back.  I have found that who you fly for can make a big difference in your outlook on aviation and life.

2014: Carissa Marion, Kent State University

How has the ORBAA scholarship helped you develop your career goals?

After receiving the ORBAA scholarship just two years ago, it has helped open doors to two job opportunities. The year after being selected for the scholarship, I interned with the Nationwide Insurance Aviation Business Center which has several members involved with ORBAA. The following year, I used the connections I made at Nationwide to send my resume to another ORBAA member and was hired as a copilot for their company. In addition to the networking benefits, the scholarship was used to help fund my commercial pilot certificate.

Where are you now?

I am currently working as a flight instructor for Kent State University and flying a King Air for Winner Aviation. This past June, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Air Race Classic in which I flew a Cessna 172 across the country. 

What are your career aspirations?

My career aspiration is to work as a corporate pilot for a large company. 

2013: Brian Finley, Bowling Green State University

How has the ORBAA scholarship helped you develop your career goals?

The ORBAA scholarship not only provided financial assistance, but it also gave me a profound depth of insight into the business aviation community. I developed many connections through the process that I am still in touch with today. This vast network of connections continues to provide guidance and offers support as I navigate my next career steps.

Where are you now?

After graduating from Bowling Green State University, I have held various positions at Textron Aviation in the contracts and sales departments. I’ve since taken a new position with Textron Financial Corporation, which is the captive lender for Textron, Inc. I am now responsible for preparing and managing worldwide financial packages as our customers prepare to take delivery of their new Bell, Cessna or Beechcraft product.

What are your career aspirations?

I have been fortunate in my career to have already held several different positions. In the various roles, I have been able to develop a deep understanding of contracts while actively interacting with Textron Aviation customers. My next career goal is to move into a sales position within the business aviation industry. I will further my education by continuing my flight training and pursuing a master’s degree.

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