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Act Now: ATC Privatization

29 Jun 2017 13:48 | Anonymous

Dear NBAA Member,

Last week, I urged the business aviation community to oppose efforts to privatize our nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system as proposed in H.R. 2997. In response to that call to action, thousands of letters in opposition were sent to Congress. However, we need to keep the pressure on and make clear that business aviation’s access to airports and airspace is threatened under H.R. 2997.

Recently, proponents of ATC privatization have been promoting myths that misrepresent general aviation and our nation’s ATC system. NBAA has taken each of those myths and provided the real truth about what ATC privatization really means for general aviation.

The Truth about ATC Privatization

Under H.R. 2997, business aviation’s access to our nation’s airspace and airports will be controlled by an unelected and unaccountable board with no Congressional oversight. Our only option to challenge future access restrictions will be to hire expensive lawyers and endure lengthy legal proceedings.

Our nation’s ATC system is the safest, most efficient, most complex and most diverse in the world – we simply cannot risk turning it over to a private board that could be dominated by the big airlines.

Oppose H.R. 2997 to Privatize ATC

By contacting your members of Congress today, you can send a message to lawmakers, and let them know you oppose H.R. 2997.

Thank you.

Ed Bolen

President and CEO

National Business Aviation Association

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